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1: Remove the bottom of a pallet

Put garden soil inside the crate and plant vegetables and flowers.  We had the most beautiful garden.

2:  Place your ground chips in your garden

Our trees were removed in the winter.  Dave came when the weather was warm and I took care of the yard waste.  I had so many chips that I placed them along the fence.  The soil really came alive.

3. Call Dave Keener to grind your tree stumps



When Dave told us he bought a stump grinder, we asked him if he would be interested in coming out to our home to grind the cottonwood and maple tree stumps as we had just spent $4,000 to remove 3 trees (the maples were rotting and very unsafe, the cottonwood was extremely tall and shed cotton.  He didn’t charge us enough (the tree service wanted $500 per stump) and we ended up giving Dave an extra $50.

Ray Fernandes

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